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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Reloaded videos and my point of view

Hi peeps!!

It´s been a while...I´ve been far away form SL and specially from the SL porn movies, I got lot of reasons for being out.

So, few days ago I received a message from a guy and he was very kind for let me know that some of my movies weren´t running properly at

After checking them out and a no solution to fix the problem through the website, I just uploaded them again and then fixed the problem by myself, that was a hard work, but it´s ok, now they are working fine now.

My apologies if somebody tried to watch some movies with broken links.

After 1 year away from the Second Life, I had time to think about many many things related to the "game". I´m not sure, but maybe some new movies can come, and like always, only for fun!!

I never thought about to be the best anything related the SL porn movies industry, I know what I wanna do, again, to have fun, not fans!!...If people like my job, wonderful!!...if not, I´m sorry that´s the best I can do!...but I can say one thing about it all without receive any credits, but I changed the SL porn industry a bit, today I can see movies, scenes doing what I did in the past and it´s awesome, I don´t care if people will give me the credits, or just saying those were their ideas, I really don´t care, because I know what is done is done.

And being a brazilian guy in the middle of all those "porn stars" and directors from USA and Europe...and having my work recognized and praised for a lot of people that in the past never had heard my name that was very cool.

Many thanks for all my SL friends that supported me, my friend Priscila Balogh, the person who said to me "I must to do it, Brazil needs a good porn director inside the SL", Ruff Brocco, the guy who gave me my first and only opportunity like a porn actor and gave me the permission to watch how to made it.

And specially my wife, Aisha Gregan, for all support, hard work by my side, love and patience while we were shooting a scene and I asked her to do that again and again just to get the best angule.

Enough talking!!!

That´s all folks...thanks a lot!

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