Come cum with us!

segunda-feira, 31 de maio de 2010

300 men 1 girl 1 week

Hi folks,
This is the final version of my teaser about the challenge of decade.
Juliana Owatatsumi will fuck 300 on 1 week. Will she get it?...
Well...Juliana had contacted me asking if I could make a video to promote her challenge and of course I said yes, ´coz it would be a challenge for me too, a lil bit different than my other accepted the challenge!!
Having in mind something like the video I had done for Aisha, I began filming her dancing too and in people could watch her big
Starting June 14th 2010 and Finishing June 20th 2010.
I hope she can complete her challenge, it will be a battle!!
So in this time...
Let´s go cum with her!!

quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010


Hey everybody!!
Dirty Wolf is back to business and why not making another epic story, right?
So, I have the pleasure bringing you...SHOGUN!
Aisha and I backed to the feudal Japan to film this new one.
Awesome location, great takes and the hottest (in my opinion) SL pornstar a great screenplayer that helped me a lot writting this movie together.
In this new movie I decided composing (mixing) my own music (Kamikaze) and I think that I´ll do it in the next productions.
100% freedom of speech that´s the new key of Dirty Wolf!
I hope you enjoy this new one and like always...
Come cum with us!!

Domo Arigato and Sayonara


by the way...I´d like to say thanks once again to AlaCristina Ballyhoo, for her patience and all support working on the movie set in the sex scene.