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domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

Lupus Goes to Canada

Hey guys,
This is the second Episode of my series.
In this video I´m going to Canada to meet the hot, Bliss Silvanski. We went to a National Park to check what the nature would have to show us.
Pay attention to the water fall behind us. It was awesome, the place and the girl.
Enjoy this vide and come cum with us!!

quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Aisha Gregan´s hot video clip

Hi all,

Between my travels around the world to my new series "Lupus Goes to..." and the movies made in Brazil, I made this hot video clip with my wife, Aisha Gregan.
Doing this video, I realized that it´s harder than making porn videos, ´coz making this kind of video, as you watch on TV, you must to think that it must to be dynamic and it must to be synchronized with the music, of you must getting moviments and song working together every single time.
In this video, the Motley Crue´s song, Saints of Los Angeles, was the chosen one, great Hard Rock band (one of my favorite bandss) and powerful song as they always use to do.
I hope you enjoy this video clip.

sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010

Lupus Goes to Romania

Hey folks!...What´s up?
This is my new series, "Lupus Goes to..."
In this series I´ll travel around world, meeting and having fun with hot girls from many different countries.
Each episode I´ll introduce you lot of hot girls.
In this first episode I went to Romania to meet the naughty and sexy Geani Cham.
In the beginning the idea was to make brazilian hot productions, but when I had this idea I got my passport and began search for hot naughty girls from different corners of the world.
I hope you enjoy this new series and of course, come cum with us.


segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2010

Naugty Neighbor Strikes Again

Hey everybody!!´s been a while.
I know it´s late, but when I made this scene, I had many ideas abouot what to do and in the end, the edition made me change my mind, so I did it all again, but what really matters is...that scene "asked" me something a little bit different...When I was editing it, I realized that in this scene I should do it shortest than the others.
So...In this new movie I´ll show you again, the Naughty Neighbor, Gigi Shelter and introduce you the great, Jihad Muhindra.
It was funny as always making this video.
She was so bored that called Jihad and hired his escort services.
You will see what he does just to get her horny.
And you will see like a hardsex is not enough to this girl.

Enjoy it and come cum with us!

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2010

The House of Swing

Hi everybody!
In this post I´ll show you my best film until this moment, the best, because, the production was amazing, the actors are awesome and the environment was really cool.
In "The House of Swing", Aisha and I, introduce a couple of friends, Bianca and Matheus Khalim. They were awesome at this scene and the interactivity was also pretty cool, specially between Aisha and Bianca as you can see, they really had fun together.
Like a director the scene was a challenge because I needed to concentrate my attention over both couples and capturing good moments and angles of all couples.
it was a funny experience and you can check it right now.

Enjoy it and cum with us!

segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Naughty Neighbor

Hi there folks!
In this post I´ll tell you a little of this production, Naughty Neighbor.
This film shows how Aisha likes to play with a girl and of course, I love playing with two girls, so, it´s was perfect!!
The story is...
I back home and catch Aisha having fun with our neighbor, Gigi Shelter...I stay there just watching them, so, as I´m not stupid, I join them and jump in the
I can confess it was one of my best fucks, having two hot brazilian girls crazy for cum and with no limits.
And in the finish I give to Aisha what she wanted and where she loves it.

Enjoy it and cum with us!

domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010

I love my hotwife

Hi there folks!
Well...this was the first film of Dirty Wolf Brazilian Porn Productions. It was funny because Aisha and I were for some time at Inferno (website) posting some hot pics, then I decided that my first production should be a hot moment between us.
This first experience was amazing, specially when I had to edit that, lot of ideas in mind, awesome angles filmed and I needed to explore all what I had in hands.
Now you can check it out in this space.

Enjoy it and come cum with us!

sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2010

Dirty Wolf Brazilian Porn Productions

Hi folks, be welcome.
I´m Lupus Foden and this is the blog of Dirty Wolf - Brazilian Porn Productions.
After to do lot of things inside the "Metaverso", things like, striper, escort, new step is, to be a porn producer.
I can confess that in the beginning it was a challenge, because, besides being a challenge it was a thing that I would like to do, but not to do only to make porn movies, but quality counts and when I thought about to do it the first idea do porn movies to brazilians and with brazilian actors, and you will understand why.
And the idea came after to talk to my brazilian friend, and the most famous pornstar in the SecondLife, Priscila Balogh ( She told me that the "Metaverso" was needing a brazilian porn director, than “I hugged” the idea. I told her part of my ideas and she said that definitely I should do it
I had acted in a porn production before, to the Ruff Brocco´s Bang St. Studio, acting in a movie called, "Football Fantasies".
Than after to check how and what was that I was sure that I should to do that.
As I said before, in the beginning it was a challenge, but today it´s a challenge bigger than before, because after some movies, I think people wait for something different, wait for more, I guess.
So I had been working hard to make it better and better, because quality is the key, and to keep people watching the movies until the end, this is the hardest part of this kind of thing.
To this first post I´ll show you how it all began, my first movie "Football Fantasies".
But first, I´d like to thank some people.

Ruff Brocco (who gave me the first opportunity)
Priscila Balogh (who put it in my mind)
Flame Broek (who showed me how to do it)
and of course
Aisha Gregan (my wife and my Pornstar)

So, enjoy it, Football Fantasies.